Toronto & Ontario Life Insurance Specialists
Isn't it time your insurance worked for you? Get the coverage you need & save money with BG Financial Strategies.
Toronto & Ontario Life Insurance Specialists
When was the last time you reviewed your insurance? Is your coverage enough, too little or too much?

BG Financial Strategies, making sense of Life Insurance in Toronto & Ontario for over 20 years.

Everyone exposes themselves to financial risk throughout life. While we can’t stop the unexpected from happening, we can lessen, and even eliminate, the financial damage as a result of it with carefully curated Life Insurance, Living Benefits and more. We protect what you’ve worked so hard to achieve

Family-owned, independent Insurance Brokers.

You get policies tailored to you and your family from the top insurance issuers in the industry.

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Why you should work with Barry and his team at BG Financial Strategies to save on your life insurance costs.

Over 20 years of helping Toronto Families, Partnerships and Entrepreneurs make the best use of Insurance to help them achieve their financial goals.

Life Insurance

Do much more than simply leave money for your family when you die.

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Business and Corporate Insurance

Protecting the value of your hard-earned business investment.

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Living Benefits

Continue to afford your lifestyle while focusing on recovering from an illness or injury.

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Travel and Medical Insurance

Have financial peace of mind while on a vacation or away on business, even with health problems

Get Travel & Medial Insurance

Retirement, Estates, Succession Planning

Do you have enough, or will you outlive your money?

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Protecting Business Partnerships

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