We’ve helped hundreds of individuals, families, businesses and entrepreneurs across Ontario get the most out of their insurance dollar - and here are a few of them.

"I am unreservedly happy to recommend Barry as a first class insurance broker, sensitive to the needs of his clients in any situation concerning life and disability insurance. Not only does Barry possess the experience and technical knowledge expected of a top notch professional but he has something else that really matters: an exceptional way of communicating and a direct personal history of the stark impact of inadequate insurance coverage.

Barry does not 'sell' insurance. He provides a helpful framework, offering his products as part of the client’s total financial umbrella. And Barry does this with a sense of humour and practicality that is valued by his customers."

- John Majanlahti, Mortgage Broker, AlphaHouse Mortgage

"I contacted Barry on behalf of a friend who has a personal issue which has prevented him from obtaining life insurance from companies and brokers in the past. In fact, other brokers have labeled him “uninsurable”.

Barry is different. He did not close the door on my client. He was actually working with a client who is currently in the same boat… trying to get life insurance with some personal barriers, he is not a quitter. He goes the extra mile for his current client and has begun helping me too by updating me monthly on the progress of his clients application (without breaking confidentiality), the successful acceptance of which will clear the way for my friend.

Barry, in fact, has gone to great lengths… even without the certainty of future remuneration. That’s the kind of caring and driven broker that he is.

Anyone in need of life or disability insurance should speak to Barry, even if you think you are uninsurable. There are few brokers willing to do as much for clients."

- Susannah B. Roth, Estate Lawyer, O'Donohue & O'Donohue